Woke Up to a Kelsi Morning! Goat Rock Beach, Sonoma.

IMG_1748*Kelsi Anderson is our Beach Yoga Sand-Drawing artist-guide. She is exploring new shorelines to bring more location options for this summer and fall. We’ll have a calendar with more places and days coming up this month so you can join her and experience this amazing activity.
It’s a quiet morning, and as I step out of my car I am greeted by the sweet salty,
refreshingly awesome coastal air. Just a couple cars fill the spacious lot, and just a few
foot prints have been imprinted on the smooth slick beach. Vultures fly overhead,
interspersed with playful seagulls.
Ahhhhhh, I exhale my journey to here and surrender into the expansive beauty of the
beach, feeling this spacious moment of complete stillness.
I gather my tools, water, sunhat and take off. This is a new beach for me to explore, and
my toes love curling into the cool morning sand, pebbly at some spots, fine in other
areas. I find the area to work in, a sweet ledge of sand above the wave line, sand still
wet from the receding tide. There’s an overlooking bluff above, perfect to capture aerial
images, and the cliff walls are filled with yarrow, wildflowers and coastal plants for
I lay my tools down and close my eyes. Breathing in the sounds of the waves rolling,
lapping and crashing. Feeling their ebb and flow rock my breath, feeling my breath
coming into rhythm with this place. I reach my arms up to the sky as high as I can, and
bring them down to the sand, touching the earth. I dance.
A large winding snake emerges and I follow the contours of the beach with my rake as
lines begin to form the snake’s body. My feet and body move with each curve and bend
of its body, and curiously I place its striped markings throughout the linear flow of the
body. Then flower patterns from those on the cliffside emerge, creating circular
mandalas nestled into the curves of the snake, each merging, overlapping, and
becoming one image together.
A new layer of understanding occurs. While I am painting a flower, I realize (again :) that
I don’t need to know what the whole image or design will be beforehand, I don’t even
need to know what the next step of the design will be. All I need is to remain focused
with the current line that I am creating, present with my breath and open creativity, and
the next step will become apparent. Trust the process, listen to how the line wants to
form and flow, and each next design layer of the flower blooms. Trust, presence, breath.
Unfolding. Trust, presence, breath, with each step of this unfolding process of creative
collaboration. What a gift.
Next Beach Yoga Sand-Art Happening is July 9 San Francisco location. For private groups please inquire! Here’s a recent post play review that pretty much says it all.

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