Winter Training Week #4: Cutting It Close

It’s been 4 weeks of Winter Training and I was/am feeling fitter, and hitting the trails, the pool, the ahem, gym and of course the SUP board 6 days a week while still eating the Metabolic Effective way. It’s a lot to squeeze in the dark and rainy days of January. Then I got a tummy ache after last Saturday’s session and am nursing myself back into the program. Isn’t that the way of the weekend warrior. Well, despite the waltz of one step up and a couple quick back steps, I am learning to turn my 12’6 wooden SIC surf board round buoys. I pretty much bewildered on my second try for a crossbow turn how quick and little effort it can be when you get that close shave. It really feels like “flipping the pancake”. You can’t over think it but give yourself over to pure confidence (or I don’t care what happens ’cause it’s all awesome even if I fall). Thanks to my coach Jen Fuller It’s fun and daring to keep learning new tricks.

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