Winter Training Challenge Day 2

Metabolic Efficiency Test Results Are In – Not Out to Pasture Just Yet
So the test was like snorkeling for 40-50 minutes in a sauna. The mouthpiece head-set was a bit claustrophobic but Tim and Conner at Endurance PCT in Mill Valley, CA were great and put me at ease throughout. It was a sustained effort but pretty comfortable spinning at 90 RPM and mid-threshold levels of watts/effort. The most uncomfortable things were the hard bike seat and not being about to swallow…spit.
The guys let me take a break while the data streamed in. I felt fine, a little red in the face (which is annoyingly much of the time these hormonal strange days.) It was a tense moment wondering if they were going to ask me to call my doctor to run an EKG or something. Then I got the results – I am a healthy woman! And there is a way to get stronger, better and faster even in mid-life!

I can state is that it’s a great test to do to really understand how your body works-out. We are all different so you cannot just compare times and weights or even heart rates. I learned that I am a rabbit with at faster beat of the heart. It’s good to know it’s OK. That ALL OF US have a unique heart beat rhythm. A faster or slower one doesn’t mean anything on its own in terms of good or bad. I like the high-life beat. I also found out my fat ratio is a tick over a women athlete, but at 21% in the fitness category and above average for my age. The guys want me to put on more lean muscle – and me too! The key finding is my cross-over-point where my body stops eating the carbs I just ate and opens the pantry to my fat stores. My chart shows my ME Zone (MEZ) where I should train for optimal ME. I am just happy that it’s a comfortable place to hang for me and the guys were happy that I am already a very good fat burner. During the bike test, where I felt most comfortable – working but in a good way just happens to be my happy FATmax point. Nice to know. Some folks don’t find their cross over point at all. Meaning they are always consuming carbs not their fat when working out.

So I found my first gear and now can dial back and go forward on my ME training program. More about that later. But the main things now are right nutrition – reducing grains and starches increasing cold-season fruits and vegetables. At least the guys at Endurance are thrilled I have lots of fresh olive oil! It’s all GOOD and going to be BETTER! To your health!

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