New Year’s Natural PR

Happy 2016! May it be starting off with natural goodness and intuition for what’s next!

This month my intention is to reflect, resolve and reboot. How about you?

Reflecting: Last year at this time I sold my stake in my commercial insurance brokerage and was caretaking elderly in-laws. I had no idea that in only 5 months later I’d also be doing R&D and creating LSA. When the universe opens it’s wings, jump on! So who knows what opportunity will arise for us this coming year.

Resolving: Healing from the head-spinning too fast loss of the in-laws and sucking it up to make deep change in where I call home. Not fun, but change gonna come so might as well be looking past the horizon we can see, to find the one we can feel.

Rebooting: In the middle of Menopause Ocean and trying to find new balance. Not fun! But finding tools like Jen’s Winter Training program – paddle day #1 is this Saturday! And the winter rains, tides and surf is way up, triple-overhead inside the bay at Fort Point this morning. I heard Cort from 101 Surf Sports was out there and interviewed on AM radio…his quote,” We all die, but some of us live.” What risk will you take?

So things are shaping and lining up like never before and super stoked to associate with my amazing adventure friends who are sharing the waves of public relations. Right out of the blocks we’ve got natural press:

Cali Paddler’s Bucket List of Top Paddles Local Soul Adventures site is #1 on their list for 2016.’s “Zen Out in Marin County” has LSA co-guide and founder of Marin Outdoor Adventure, Nicki Clark giving some Expert Tips and a LSA highlight.



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