Unlocking the Balance


It’s only been about a week, but I am already feeling the benefits of the ME regimen – a bit more able to deal with higher intensity and heavier weight. The “no-pain, no-gain” motto is revisited.  I’ve had now two threshold tests: the Metabolic Efficiency threshold for glucose to fat burning ratios. And a heartrate threshold bike test. I also had some blood work and the doc agrees, I am in menopause ocean, where I am learning how to swim all over again.

What is the key to keeping this discipline going? Training with the tribe of Winter Training “students.” Here again, a re-awakening to what sports and athletic training brings to the party: AWESOME PEOPLE! Because we are carving out space in which to focus on improving one thing there is a concentration of soulful investment. Everyone is fully present and ready with positive enforcement. The light in me sees the light in you – type of tribe is already beginning to form.

Measuring and testing is also key. The heart rate threshold test was a good hour of moving up watts on the indoor bike trainer and doing 3 minute pieces at 90 RPM’s. This was to go until you hit failure of meeting the 90 RPM’s at your highest effort. Based upon our weight my highest watts was to be 275. Jen had made a music playlist which started with Queen’s “I want to ride my bicycle” that was to match beats with our rising heart beats. By the time I was doing a nice solid 175 watt effort my heart rate started to rapidly decrease from 124-135 bpm to 112 and 97. I was feeling the burn but now looking at the monitor it was alarming like I was losing blood flow. Jen said to dial back and asked me if I had my heart tested recently. Oh god, I thought, is there something wrong with me? I did just have an EKG and got a Life Insurance policy in October, so what is up? I spun at my ME Zone and felt like I was getting left in the dust while the guys and some girls got up to the highest zones. Then Jen came by and checked my heart rate strap, and whoops tech glitch, the piece had fallen too far to register my heart rate. It was like a Superbowl wardrobe failure. Duh. Pushing my strap back up I got back to finding my heart was happy and pumping just fine. While I didn’t have time to get back to going up my ladder, I did see I would have probably made it up the ladder towards the 200 mark. The takeaway: I did start to see where I am balanced and where I am not.

Now it’s time for getting the Stand Up Paddle board on the water! Winter Training first day with breathwork, time trials and a swim test. Happy to report the bay is back to it’s old, chilly-self at 50 degrees. There is a way to increase heat and to decrease heat (and heart rate) in one’s body by breathing! We tried Wim Hof’s method and I was able to hold my breath 1:50 seconds after the third round. Interesting on how this works found here.

And todayWT Swim it’s a paddle in Sausalito on a calm winter morning where the herring are running, birds are diving and the rock artist Bill Dan is practicing unlocking the balance.

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