Magical Musicians at our Beach Events

At our beach events we are blessed to meet passionate, talented and international acoustic musicans. Here above is Lucia Lilikoi – local singer songwriter from Marin – keeping us warm at a foggy Baker Beach. Gorgeous songs from her new CD “Vessel” check out:

And her warm up band? Katia and Francesca, cousins from Switzerland traveling the world and honing their Roma Gypsie music.
Here are 5 intriguing facts about the “Roma” people…
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Woke Up to a Kelsi Morning! Goat Rock Beach, Sonoma.

IMG_1748*Kelsi Anderson is our Beach Yoga Sand-Drawing artist-guide. She is exploring new shorelines to bring more location options for this summer and fall. We’ll have a calendar with more places and days coming up this month so you can join her and experience this amazing activity.
It’s a quiet morning, and as I step out of my car I am greeted by the sweet salty,
refreshingly awesome coastal air. Just a couple cars fill the spacious lot, and just a few
foot prints have been imprinted on the smooth slick beach. Vultures fly overhead,
interspersed with playful seagulls.
Ahhhhhh, I exhale my journey to here and surrender into the expansive beauty of the
beach, feeling this spacious moment of complete stillness.
I gather my tools, water, sunhat and take off. This is a new beach for me to explore, and
my toes love curling into the cool morning sand, pebbly at some spots, fine in other
areas. I find the area to work in, a sweet ledge of sand above the wave line, sand still
wet from the receding tide. There’s an overlooking bluff above, perfect to capture aerial
images, and the cliff walls are filled with yarrow, wildflowers and coastal plants for
I lay my tools down and close my eyes. Breathing in the sounds of the waves rolling,
lapping and crashing. Feeling their ebb and flow rock my breath, feeling my breath
coming into rhythm with this place. I reach my arms up to the sky as high as I can, and
bring them down to the sand, touching the earth. I dance.
A large winding snake emerges and I follow the contours of the beach with my rake as
lines begin to form the snake’s body. My feet and body move with each curve and bend
of its body, and curiously I place its striped markings throughout the linear flow of the
body. Then flower patterns from those on the cliffside emerge, creating circular
mandalas nestled into the curves of the snake, each merging, overlapping, and
becoming one image together.
A new layer of understanding occurs. While I am painting a flower, I realize (again :) that
I don’t need to know what the whole image or design will be beforehand, I don’t even
need to know what the next step of the design will be. All I need is to remain focused
with the current line that I am creating, present with my breath and open creativity, and
the next step will become apparent. Trust the process, listen to how the line wants to
form and flow, and each next design layer of the flower blooms. Trust, presence, breath.
Unfolding. Trust, presence, breath, with each step of this unfolding process of creative
collaboration. What a gift.
Next Beach Yoga Sand-Art Happening is July 9 San Francisco location. For private groups please inquire! Here’s a recent post play review that pretty much says it all.

SF Bay Sacred Secrets

Epic last weekend of Winter Training with Jen Fuller’s SUP Fitness. Surf lessons at Bolinas lagoon, and yesterday – a windless morning ” on the San Francisco Bay where we rounded the rock (Alcatraz) with Reuben Hechanova from the Dolphin Club. What a treasure trove of locals and locales! Here’s a great capture of Reuben giving me a pointer on finding a “sweet spot” in the ebb where I could just hang out and check out the porpoise and beautiful skyline. The bay has incredible secrets to share!IMG_6287

Winter Training Week #4: Cutting It Close

It’s been 4 weeks of Winter Training and I was/am feeling fitter, and hitting the trails, the pool, the ahem, gym and of course the SUP board 6 days a week while still eating the Metabolic Effective way. It’s a lot to squeeze in the dark and rainy days of January. Then I got a tummy ache after last Saturday’s session and am nursing myself back into the program. Isn’t that the way of the weekend warrior. Well, despite the waltz of one step up and a couple quick back steps, I am learning to turn my 12’6 wooden SIC surf board round buoys. I pretty much bewildered on my second try for a crossbow turn how quick and little effort it can be when you get that close shave. It really feels like “flipping the pancake”. You can’t over think it but give yourself over to pure confidence (or I don’t care what happens ’cause it’s all awesome even if I fall). Thanks to my coach Jen Fuller It’s fun and daring to keep learning new tricks.

Unlocking the Balance


It’s only been about a week, but I am already feeling the benefits of the ME regimen – a bit more able to deal with higher intensity and heavier weight. The “no-pain, no-gain” motto is revisited.  I’ve had now two threshold tests: the Metabolic Efficiency threshold for glucose to fat burning ratios. And a heartrate threshold bike test. I also had some blood work and the doc agrees, I am in menopause ocean, where I am learning how to swim all over again.

What is the key to keeping this discipline going? Training with the tribe of Winter Training “students.” Here again, a re-awakening to what sports and athletic training brings to the party: AWESOME PEOPLE! Because we are carving out space in which to focus on improving one thing there is a concentration of soulful investment. Everyone is fully present and ready with positive enforcement. The light in me sees the light in you – type of tribe is already beginning to form.

Measuring and testing is also key. The heart rate threshold test was a good hour of moving up watts on the indoor bike trainer and doing 3 minute pieces at 90 RPM’s. This was to go until you hit failure of meeting the 90 RPM’s at your highest effort. Based upon our weight my highest watts was to be 275. Jen had made a music playlist which started with Queen’s “I want to ride my bicycle” that was to match beats with our rising heart beats. By the time I was doing a nice solid 175 watt effort my heart rate started to rapidly decrease from 124-135 bpm to 112 and 97. I was feeling the burn but now looking at the monitor it was alarming like I was losing blood flow. Jen said to dial back and asked me if I had my heart tested recently. Oh god, I thought, is there something wrong with me? I did just have an EKG and got a Life Insurance policy in October, so what is up? I spun at my ME Zone and felt like I was getting left in the dust while the guys and some girls got up to the highest zones. Then Jen came by and checked my heart rate strap, and whoops tech glitch, the piece had fallen too far to register my heart rate. It was like a Superbowl wardrobe failure. Duh. Pushing my strap back up I got back to finding my heart was happy and pumping just fine. While I didn’t have time to get back to going up my ladder, I did see I would have probably made it up the ladder towards the 200 mark. The takeaway: I did start to see where I am balanced and where I am not.

Now it’s time for getting the Stand Up Paddle board on the water! Winter Training first day with breathwork, time trials and a swim test. Happy to report the bay is back to it’s old, chilly-self at 50 degrees. There is a way to increase heat and to decrease heat (and heart rate) in one’s body by breathing! We tried Wim Hof’s method and I was able to hold my breath 1:50 seconds after the third round. Interesting on how this works found here.

And todayWT Swim it’s a paddle in Sausalito on a calm winter morning where the herring are running, birds are diving and the rock artist Bill Dan is practicing unlocking the balance.

New Year’s Natural PR

Happy 2016! May it be starting off with natural goodness and intuition for what’s next!

This month my intention is to reflect, resolve and reboot. How about you?

Reflecting: Last year at this time I sold my stake in my commercial insurance brokerage and was caretaking elderly in-laws. I had no idea that in only 5 months later I’d also be doing R&D and creating LSA. When the universe opens it’s wings, jump on! So who knows what opportunity will arise for us this coming year.

Resolving: Healing from the head-spinning too fast loss of the in-laws and sucking it up to make deep change in where I call home. Not fun, but change gonna come so might as well be looking past the horizon we can see, to find the one we can feel.

Rebooting: In the middle of Menopause Ocean and trying to find new balance. Not fun! But finding tools like Jen’s Winter Training program – paddle day #1 is this Saturday! And the winter rains, tides and surf is way up, triple-overhead inside the bay at Fort Point this morning. I heard Cort from 101 Surf Sports was out there and interviewed on AM radio…his quote,” We all die, but some of us live.” What risk will you take?

So things are shaping and lining up like never before and super stoked to associate with my amazing adventure friends who are sharing the waves of public relations. Right out of the blocks we’ve got natural press:

Cali Paddler’s Bucket List of Top Paddles Local Soul Adventures site is #1 on their list for 2016.’s “Zen Out in Marin County” has LSA co-guide and founder of Marin Outdoor Adventure, Nicki Clark giving some Expert Tips and a LSA highlight.



Winter Training Challenge Day 2

Metabolic Efficiency Test Results Are In – Not Out to Pasture Just Yet
So the test was like snorkeling for 40-50 minutes in a sauna. The mouthpiece head-set was a bit claustrophobic but Tim and Conner at Endurance PCT in Mill Valley, CA were great and put me at ease throughout. It was a sustained effort but pretty comfortable spinning at 90 RPM and mid-threshold levels of watts/effort. The most uncomfortable things were the hard bike seat and not being about to swallow…spit.
The guys let me take a break while the data streamed in. I felt fine, a little red in the face (which is annoyingly much of the time these hormonal strange days.) It was a tense moment wondering if they were going to ask me to call my doctor to run an EKG or something. Then I got the results – I am a healthy woman! And there is a way to get stronger, better and faster even in mid-life!

I can state is that it’s a great test to do to really understand how your body works-out. We are all different so you cannot just compare times and weights or even heart rates. I learned that I am a rabbit with at faster beat of the heart. It’s good to know it’s OK. That ALL OF US have a unique heart beat rhythm. A faster or slower one doesn’t mean anything on its own in terms of good or bad. I like the high-life beat. I also found out my fat ratio is a tick over a women athlete, but at 21% in the fitness category and above average for my age. The guys want me to put on more lean muscle – and me too! The key finding is my cross-over-point where my body stops eating the carbs I just ate and opens the pantry to my fat stores. My chart shows my ME Zone (MEZ) where I should train for optimal ME. I am just happy that it’s a comfortable place to hang for me and the guys were happy that I am already a very good fat burner. During the bike test, where I felt most comfortable – working but in a good way just happens to be my happy FATmax point. Nice to know. Some folks don’t find their cross over point at all. Meaning they are always consuming carbs not their fat when working out.

So I found my first gear and now can dial back and go forward on my ME training program. More about that later. But the main things now are right nutrition – reducing grains and starches increasing cold-season fruits and vegetables. At least the guys at Endurance are thrilled I have lots of fresh olive oil! It’s all GOOD and going to be BETTER! To your health!

Winter Training: Living A Fuller Life

Shorter, darker, colder days are the perfect pairing for slowing down, going inward but still enjoying the great-out-of-doors. Join me on my Winter Training journey which I will begin this month through early March. My teacher is Jen Fuller, elite stand up paddler and fitness professional in Marin County. I’ll be sharing my own experiences as I challenge myself to get in competitive athletic shape after a couple years hiatus from serious paddling and now in the senior master age division. I think it will be a challenge but with coach Jen, I trust we’ll flow into the local soul adventure zone!