Meet the Guides

  • Pamela Adams

    Local Soul Adventures founder Pamela thinks of herself as an “experience therapist” and an early adopter of "Nature RX." She finds her bliss in designing custom experiences for fellow intrepid adventurers.

    Pamela launched Local Soul Adventures to offer uncommon, shared, and surprising, experiences for all who "seek" the deeper stories within themselves and in the great outdoors. Inspired by John Muir’s tales of total immersion into the wilderness, Pamela’s calling is to also be of service to the wild places. A trailblazer at 16, she volunteered for the Youth Conservation Corps and the Golden Gate National Recreation area building the first park trails (by hand and without power tools) at Lands End.

    Pamela studied conceptual design and computer applications at San Francisco State University. Pamela’s natural curiosity led her to explore many careers including being a trend-spotter for an athletic footwear manufacturer, a massage therapist, editor of experience and travel for The Entertainment Real Estate Report and a hospitality consultant.

    Pamela and her co-guides, artists and musicians mission is transforming the picnic, the hike, the paddle, the walk on the beach ... into magical and meaningful group experiences and excited to be on the daily path to solving our community challenges.

  • Nicki Clark

    Born and raised in Marin County, Nicki Clark has been passionate about outdoor activities since childhood. She grew up surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Nicki graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango Co, where she worked as a raft guide, mountain bike guide, and snowboard instructor. After college she spent 6 months living and surfing in Byron Bay Australia where her passion for surfing flourished. From there she moved to Juneau Alaska and worked as a Lead Glacier Guide, and a ski and snowboard instructor.

    Nicki is passionate and excited about sharing her love of Marin County and all it has to offer with travelers and locals alike. When Nicki is not hanging out with her two amazing kids, you will find her leading an adventure, or out on an adventure herself.

    In 2013, Nicki started her business "Marin Outdoor Adventures." Marin Outdoor Adventures specializes in creating authentic experiences through the eyes of local experts. Offering guided hikes, mountain biking, surf lessons, outdoor yoga and fitness, Marin Outdoor Adventures customizes each adventure to match the level and desire of each guest. The guides have extensive knowledge of Marin County and all of the amazing activities it has to offer. Niki and Pamela have a potently coopertive orientation to thier related businesses.  

  • Jeff Falconer

    Sonoma Valley Native Jeff Falconer has lived in many places and pursued many passions in his rich life – interacting with a colorful cast of saints, sages, scoundrels and squares. Presently Jeff is a Docent at Jack London State Historic Park, an aficionado of Sonoma Valley History, and a teacher of walking meditation.

    Coming of age in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Summer of Love era, Jeff was a sitting duck for the 60’s consciousness revolution, and soon found himself hitch-hiking around the States and Canada having adventures. He travelled to India and stayed in an ashram, serving as the opening act for an Indian Guru’s American tour that culminated at the Houston Astrodome – along with many other explorations both sublime and ridiculous.

    A lifelong musician. Based in Atlanta, and in his twenties, Jeff made his living touring the demanding rock and roll club circuit in the Southeastern U.S.. Jeff’s performing continued even as he stopped playing for a living. He first recorded three solo cd’s, and then two more with his acoustic power duo – Jaydub and Dino. Husband, parent, and business owner, are other hats Jeff has been honored to wear. He now enjoys semi-retirement in his beloved Valley of the Moon ... hiking, doing tai chi, meditating, playing the occasional gig. You can find his music at:

  • Denise Andrews

    Denise is our “Monkey Bar Genius” a lifelong climber of anything vertical including high ideas and ideals. She is an accomplished and avid: kiter, snowboarder, mountain biker, paddler ... she escaped New Jersey and soloed California’s 1600 miles full Pacific Crest Trail in her early twenties.

    She worked and lived in Antarctic, skied and climbed Mt. Cook glacier – along with other peaks in New Zealand, summited Mt. Shasta (with a broken pool cue). When she wasn't ironworking, she rock climbed up the mushrooming high rises of Seattle. Denise settled into a successful career in storm-water drainage for the city of Seattle until she yearned for the sun of California’s northern wine-country where she embarked on a five year career in wine making and viticulture. She loves all things natural, organic and wild.


  • Kelsi Anderson

    Kelsi Anderson is an ecological artist, designer, and land steward. Her mission is to cultivate healthy and reciprocal relationships between people, the earth, and the community-building. She weaves together the visual arts, somatic therapies, and ecological stewardship practices, to create collaborative community art. For more information on her art, please visit